First few weeks into the school year…..

26 10 2009

Mysteries of Harris BurdickTime flies when you are having fun reading and writing with the kids. At the beginning of the week I read The Important Book to the students and they created an important page about themselves. We then bound it in a class book and put it in our library.

I have been having the students do what I call a Warm It Up at the beginning of class every day. I either read a picture book and they respond, show them an object or picture and they write. This week I used a ceramic doorstop that was a fish as a writing prompt. I also used a Time Picture of the week as a writing prompt. The only thing I told the students was to write about the object/ picture etc.. in any way they want. They can write a story about the prompt, create a poem or describe what they see. I then had each student share one line from their writing as we went around the room.
So far I haven’t mentioned the word writing workshop to them. I am just showing them that I value reading, writing and sharing in our classroom.
The first writing assignment I am currently working on with them is writing what I call a quick publish. This is for me to see their writing skills and to gage what they are struggling with, and what I need to focus on. We read T
he Old Woman Who Named Things wrote and discussed what the story elements were. We discussed what writers do when they start a story ( I wanted them to realize that writers brainstorm before just writing), The students then picked a picture from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick or a person from a 1948 graduating class photo frame that I photocopied when they were hanging in our school. The students were told to create a graphic organizer and brainstorm their ideas for their short story. Next week we will work on writing the short stories and editing them with our new writing workshop editing procedures that I hope to use.




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25 11 2013
A Solution to Revising and Editing Work in Writer’s Workshop!!! | Read... Write... Talk...

[…] taught them the revision card strategy during their first quick publish piece of the year (click here to read about the quick publish piece). We went step by step through the process and we talked about good questions to ask on the card. […]

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