Writing Gallery~ sharing student writing in a new way!

5 01 2010

WrItInG GaLlErY!

Just before break, I had my students finish a choice piece. I decided to have the students share in a new way. We moved the desks into one big circle. I had the students take a few minutes and pick out the Golden Lines they wanted to share with the class. We then went around and each of us shared what genre we wrote in,  a very brief explanation of the piece, and then read our Golden Lines ( for example: I wrote a poem about being at the beach). I wrote a piece to share with them to show them that I am a write too!

Then we had a Writing Gallery (this was the new way to share). The students placed their writing on their desk, or somewhere around the room. I then had the students grab a handful of post it notes (that I cut up into strips). I had them walk around our “Writing Gallery” and read each other’s writing. With their post it notes they wrote positive comments about the writing they were reading and stuck them in the margins of that paper. Before we walked around ( I also walked around and commented on their work), we talked about types of comments and I told them that Golden Lines are good things to comment on, or they could Hold their Thinking.

I also printed some writing from Teen Ink and other sources and placed them around the room so that the students could read some published pieces and have something to strive for.

The students LOVED reading each other’s writing! Sharing our Golden Lines at the beginning gave us a taste of what was to come. At the end of the period, the students left with a paper that was loaded with post it notes of positive comments about their writing! They felt so proud.  I will definitely do this type of share again.




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