Students Sharing Books (The reading continues!)

25 01 2010

Kids listen to kids, and are very influenced by each other. With that in mind I have two ways to get kids excited about reading, talking about book they have read, and sharing books that they like!  I find that so many times my students say they don’t like reading, but in fact they really just don’t know good books for them (and I believe that there is a book for everyone!)

After my students have read an independent book, there are a few ways that I have them share the books that they read with each other.  One is a Book Bistro. In a book Bistro, I put a 2-3 desks together into little groups. I then have the students sit around in small groups and  talk about their book. I always have them take the book they just finished reading so that others can see it, and look through it. I also have them take their books to read list, so that they can add interesting books to their “to read” list.

Another way I have students share is Book Dating. This is like speed dating, except with books and kids! The goal is to match up a kid to the right book. I place the desks in twos in a circular shape.  I have my students  bring the book they just read. I give each person 2 minutes to talk about their book, when I ring the  bell, one student  stays at the table and the other person moves around to the next person and the talking and sharing continues.

I find that the students really listen to each other and they want to read what their peers have read- so the reading continues- even without it being assigned!



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