More uses for Wordle

3 03 2010

I know that I posted earlier about Wordle, but I recently thought of some new ways I am going to use it in my classroom.

I am going to use it as a predicting, pre-reading strategy. I plan to take text from a short story or think of words that are pertinent to a story we are reading and then create a Wordle. I am going to have my students predict what they think the story will be about based on the words.

I am also going to use it at the end of their literature circle books. When we are done with this round of lit. circles, I am going to have my students create a Worlde based on their book. I am going to have them think of all the words, phrases and themes related to their book. The ones that are the most important, I will have them make them larger. Then I am going to have them write an explanation about why they chose the words, phrases and text that they did. I will let you know how it works.

Has anyone else used Wordle in the classroom  and has an ideas that they would like to share?

Here is my example of a pre-reading strategy I am planning to do with my students when we read the short story, The Most Dangerous Game.




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3 03 2010

My daughter made wordles to study her high school history units. She didn’t refer to her notes but instead just put in everything she could remember about the topic and then got a wordle from it. I thought that was a cool use.

4 03 2010

In our second grade classrooms, each child researches an animal from the Chesapeake Bay (we’re in Maryland). At the end of the unit, the kids created wordles about their animals. We are also getting ready to start research on famous Americans and I would like for them to create wordles about those folks. The kids love coming up with words they might use and it’s a good assessment tool. The kids also love seeing the work of their classmates (one of my teammates made a book out of her kids’ wordles!).

6 03 2010

Wordle is blocked due to our security program at school.
Wondered if you knew of another site that works similarly?

8 03 2010

Unfortunately I don’t know another site. Make sure that you have Java Script enabled on your computer at school. That was a problem that I ran into on some computers at school. Good luck!

15 03 2010

I have used wordle as a graphic to go with poetry my students turn in. They turn in the poem typed up with the wordle portion of it attached. The final product goes very well together.

26 03 2010

I use Wordle for our lit circle character studies, and for social studies themes/essential questions as well. But, I love your ideas for Wordle use in lit circles!

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