A Resource I am Loving!

8 03 2010

I found a resource that I think will fit into my teaching style perfectly- Ready to Use English Workshop Activities for grades 6-12 by Mary Ellen Ledbetter. I went to a workshop that she conducted a few years ago and was impressed with what she shared. I got some of her other resources, but not the book mentioned above.

I recently came across this book and love the way it is organized. It has examples of student written pieces, and then questions for students to pull out certain concepts from the writing piece. It works on student’s proficiency in reading/ literature, writing and grammar. The students really have to think and re-read the text to answer the questions- it definitely will take the students to that higher cognitive level we want 🙂 . This isn’t a tool for teaching certain concepts, but reinforcing and reminding students what terms are after we have already gone over them.

I love that my students are reading writing by people their age. It shows them that they can experiment with writing types and may give them ideas of what to write about during workshop time.

I plan to use these as exercises as warm ups, or as homework, since it is just practice. The cool thing is they can be used with individuals, small groups or whole class instruction.

Here is an example of a page from this book. The author calls each page a “Dailies”

What are other resources that you have and use and that you LOVE?




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9 03 2010

2 Resources that I love are:
1. Traits of Writing- Ruth Cullham’s new book for grades 6-8. It’s so nice to have lessons just for us!

2. My favourite- this blog! You have such amazing ideas- I can use them right away and my kids LOVE them! Thanks!

15 03 2010

One resource I’m loving are the United Streaming videos to then spur on conversation with students and then take into writing tasks.

26 03 2010

I will have to get my hands on this book! I just found Jerry Spinelli”s “Today I Will” and I’m using these stand alone writing ideas for my writers workshop warmups.


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