A way to get EVERYONE talking and listening!

22 03 2010

I tried a new idea to get all my students talking and listening to each other during literature circles, and it worked really well. I gave each student a note card with 4 paper clips on it. I told the students that every time they spoke during literature circles, they needed to take a paper clip off and put it in the middle on the table. When they ran out of paper clips, they had to practice their listening skills and just listen to other people’s comments. When everyone had just a note card left and all the paperclips were in the middle, they then had to put a paper clip back on their notecard when they spoke. They then needed to just listen when all their paper clips were back on their notecard until everyone else had all their paper clips back on their notecard.

It was easy to get the notecards and paper clips ready, the students really realized that a few of them dominate the conversation and never listen. It also made all the students who rarely speak push themselves to share!




4 responses

23 03 2010

I Love that idea!
Trying it this week!

28 03 2010
amy meyer

Great ideas! I just came upon your blog and haved loved reading what you’re doing in your classroom. Thanks for the inspiration!

31 03 2010
Mary Lee Hahn


27 06 2010

I do something similar to this except I use plastic chips. Everyone gets two chips, and everyone must contribute to the classroom discussion even if it’s to say they agree or disagree. When they speak, they toss their chips into the middle. Students that rarely contribute must participate in the conversation at some time. Students cannot give their chips to anyone else, and they cannot speak if they’ve used their own chips. I even take two chips, so that I don’t dominate the conversation.

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