It’s All About the Book Talk!

10 08 2010

As I begin thinking about the year and all the new literature that is available to kids- a MAJOR reason that my kids choose to read a book or not, is the way that I book talk it. If I am excited and enthusiastic about the book, the kids want to read it and are excited to start. I know that I didn’t do a good job book talking a book if I know I really like it, and my student’s don’t pick it. I found a great list of book talks available on Scholastic’s website. They even have video book talks.

Here’s the website to check out:

Here is a great Hunger Games trailer that was made when the book first came out- I think that kind of book talk would get lots of kids into reading it!

What are your favorite books to book talk? Or must reads that you suggest to your kids?

I tell my 8th graders they can’t leave me until they have read:

Hunger Games

Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

Tears of a Tiger

Among the Hidden





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