30 Book Challenge- here we come!!!

22 08 2010

School starts for me this week!  I have been thinking of implementing a new program into my reading program. It is called the 30 Book Challenge. It is a modified idea taken from the The Book Whisperer.

I am expecting my students to read 30 books this year. I am giving them a grid chart  so that they can record the books they have read. I want them to experience reading various genres, so I am requiring them to read certain genres and also giving them choice.  I know that since they need to read so many books, I am going to have to do more book talks this year than in the past. I am also working on a place for students to share good books they have read so that they can choose books they are interested in to help complete their 30 book challenge.

In each box, the students will write the title of the book they read that fits the genre. I will then initial the box as a way of tracking their books. I have already scheduled a check-in with each student  once a month during our library day to keep track of their progress. Here is what my grid chart looks like:

I am also going to complete the challenge with them, and I am putting my chart on the board so that they know that I realize that it really is a challenge!

Since this is the first year I am doing this, I am going to see how it goes and make adjustments and changes as necessary. If it gets my kids to read even more books than they have in the past I will see it as a success! Any suggestions you may have if you have done something similar to this would be appreciated! 🙂

Here is a copy of the information I am going to give to them to explain the challenge….

The Challenge!!

Throughout the course of the school year you will be reading 30 books. Yep, you read it right…30! It may seem like a big number but don’t worry; you’ll be surprised how easy it actually is to read them all. The 30 book challenge is going to open your eyes to a wide variety of literary genres and will hopefully foster within you an appreciation, if not a love, for reading. Below you will find a link to everything you will need to complete the 30 book challenge. The most important thing is to choose books that interest you. You will have some time in language arts class to read, and may find time in other classes to read, so ALWAYS have your book in ALL of your classes.

This is a BIG challenge that will be an amazing accomplishment at the end of the year! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

Information for the Challenge

The 30 Book challenge goes from September through May. The 30 Book Challenge is completed on the honor system, so as you complete each book you will come and tell me and I will sign off for you on your Genre Check-off List. Books exceeding 350 pages may be considered as two books for that genre. All books must be at grade level or above.

Get Ready! Get Set! Read!




8 responses

5 09 2010

Wow, I love this challenge. I teach younger students (kindergarten) but see how this could certainly work at any level. I think I may try this out, but use myself first as a model. I read aloud to students everyday and would like to challenge myself to read from several different genres daily. I think the kids would get a kick out of me carefully choosing books to meet a weekly challenge and checking them off my list. It would expose them to determining differences in genre earlier and be a fun challenge all in one! They would love to take this on for themselves later in the year when they too are readers. Thanks for this great idea.

6 09 2010
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6 09 2010

Well, you’ve convinced me! My friend and I went back and forth on this all summer. 40 books,30 books, individual goals for each student. I’m a big believer in shooting high and having high expectations. I think this will be a challenge for many- but so worth it!
Thanks for the inspiration!


23 10 2010
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24 10 2010
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9 01 2011

I have been doing the Book Challenge for my 5th and 6th Graders for 2 years. My first year I went with a 25 book challenge. I found that many students in class were driven to exceed the number so this year I added 5 to go to 30.

A couple things I learned from the first year was that students chose shorter books(few pages) at their level just to meet the number requirement. This encouraged me to change my rule for this year’s class to 150 pages = 1 book. Let me explain. If a student finds a quality book at their level that is say 290 pages I make a teacher judgement call based on number of pictures/ size of word print/ difficulty of the subject of the book. Typically a book that is 290 pages I would tell the student is equal to 2 books. This keeps students from avoiding the bigger books that are at their level.

I do have some questions for those who are doing the challenge. How do you check for comprehension of books that you have not read yourself? I check my students reading response journals every two to three weeks, but sometimes I get stuck on books they bring from home.

11 01 2011
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7 12 2013
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