Poetry, Poetry, Poetry….

31 08 2010

As we read poems throughout the year, I keep a copy of the poems in a folder titled- Poems we have read together. I find that is a good springboard for students to use for ideas for writing their own poems. I have the folder on the white board. I also am keeping a list of poetry ideas above the folder when we think of them throughout the day. Here is a picture of what it looks like so far:

Here is our brainstorming board after we read the poem, You Can’t Write a Poem about McDonalds (click here for previous post). I challenged the kids to come up with ideas of things to write in a poem titled- You Can’t Write a Poem about….

Some are silly 8th grade ideas- but this sparked their thoughts. I had them write their you can’t write a poem about poems in groups and share- they had fun with this!




One response

14 09 2010

That’s a fun brainstorming idea. Getting kids to think outside the lines is great! I’ll bet they could write some interesting poems with those ideas.

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