Let the Reading Begin….

6 09 2010

I introduced the 30 book challenge last week to my students (click here for an explanation on it). I was a little nervous about their reaction to me telling them that they were going to be required to read 30 books this year! I decided that I needed to kick off the 30 book challenge in a BIG way. I got a bunch of 30 birthday party decorations for the party store. I had streamers that had the number 30 at the bottom that I hung all over the room, I had big 30s all over and I wore a 30 necklace too!  I put balloons on the door and just told them that the 30 was something to get excited about and it was a project we are going to do this year. Many kids came in and wished me a Happy 30th birthday! 🙂

After our opening writing spark and poem that we read together, I introduced the 30 book challenge. I told them to be positive and to not let negatives get in the way, or say I can’t do this- that this is a BIG challegne and they can do it!!!  I was really surprised at how positive they were. Even though some seemed to think it was impossible, they all agreed that they would give it a try!
I had them all sign a contract stating that they would try their hardest etc… and we made a big deal of that.

I also made this motivational video for them to watch, I took clips from Pursuit of Happiness, Coach Carter and Rocky with some of Ali’s speech… They loved it and were excited to see if they could accomplish such a big challenge!

As much as I was anxious about how they would take this, they all found a book to get started on, and they have been reading every spare minute!! I have given them a lot of time to read this week in class to get them going. This coming week I am going to have them start writing in their reading journals once a week about their book.

I have decided that I am going to have recognitions for every 10 books they read and I want to give them some kind of prize. For example the 10 book challenge club, 20 book challenge club and the 30 book challenge wall of fame!! I am struggling with the types of prizes that I can give them for their 10 book and 20 book challenge. At the end of the year when they reach 30 books, I will have a big party for them and am thinking of holding a drawing for bigger prizes (gift certificates etc..). In order to keep them going I need to get good cheap prizes or incentives- any ideas???




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1 12 2012
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