Top Ten Lists

27 09 2010

For my student’s blog this week, I had them find Golden Lines and create a top ten list on their book. I gave them some ideas ( see below). I also required them to write a sentence or two describing, or explaining each number. I was surprised at how they ran with their top ten lists. Many kids made up a top ten list that was specific to their book. It was fun to read and grade these! 🙂

1. Top ten reasons to read this book.

2. Top ten things, or reasons, I hate or love about my character.

3. Top ten favorite quotes from my book.

4. Top ten questions I would like to ask the author of my book.

5. Top ten lessons I have learned from this book.

6. Top ten places mentioned in my book.

7. Top ten things I wanted to scream out loud about my book.

8. Top ten things I can’t stop thinking about in my book.

9. Top ten other movies, books, magazines and other world events that have happened that relate to my book.

10. Create your own top ten list that fits your book!




One response

4 10 2010
Janet Wagner from Creative Writing

Hi! Just found your blog through another blog link, and you have plenty that I would love to try with my students! I enjoy this post! The Top Ten List is something I haven’t considered in terms of written responses! I’m sure your kids enjoyed creating those, and I know mine will, too! Thanks for sharing!

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