The Power of Three Words

5 10 2010

I had my kids create their own three words the world video a few weeks ago. I put them in groups, had them brainstorm what three words they want to share to the world. Then they had to come up with a creative way to show the world their three words. They loved doing this and ask often if we do something like this again! It honestly took 4 Flip cameras, 1 digital camera, and 40 min. (which includes brainstorming and then filming).

Click on this link to see the compilation of the video my kids did:

Our Three Words Video

— We are the pirate team at school and our team color is blue- hence the Blue Crew and pirate references! 🙂




3 responses

18 10 2010
Stacey S

Did you give them any guidelines as to what three words? Did it have to be a saying or just three words they wanted to share? Did you give them specific places to look or time to think? I am curious about this! I think it would be great to do! Thanks!

23 10 2010

I talked to them about the power of words, and what would you want to say to the world with just three words. I showed them a few examples and I made a brainstorming sheet for them, where they wrote their ideas down individually. Then I had them get into groups where they shared their ideas and decided on which three words they wanted to share. Some groups struggled more than others, but eventually they were able to come up with their words. I then had them write down how they wanted to share their three words. I gave them about 15 min. for this brainstorming. I told them that the next day when they came in, we were video taping and they had to be ready. This gave any kids who wanted to get props a day to get organized. The next day I gave each group a Flip and told them they had about 10 min. to get their video done. Then I merged all the videos together. Hope this helps!

5 05 2011

I think that this would be really fun to do with The Giver, since language and meaning is so important and Jonas is learning new words like love and family. I would love to see the video, but it looks like I need a password.

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