MUST Reads

23 10 2010

My kids are now full swing into their reading challenge books. When they ask for suggestions, I always find myself going to a few “must reads” for everyone to see if they have read one of those books. I decided to create a poster with these must read books on them. I titled it, “Books you can’t leave 8th grade without reading” Here is our list so far:

I asked my kids for suggestions on what other books should be added to the list. I am going to add Among the Hidden (by Haddix)since we were talking about how good the Shadow Children series is, and yes there are still some 8th graders who haven’t read any of these books!

What other titles would you suggest that middle school kids MUST READ??




One response

30 10 2010
Joy Coppoletta

I would add the Alex Rider series, by Anthony Horowitz, to your list. My students LOVE these! They are sort of like a James Bond for kids.

I’m not sure if To Kill a Mockingbird is in your formal curriculum. However, in my humble opinion, it’s a “book you can’t leave middle school without reading”!

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