Book Trailers- the New way to Book Talk!

9 11 2010

I definitely learned this week that book trailers are the newest way to book talk a book and to get kids really interested in reading books! Book trailers are basically just like movie trailers, but give you clips of what happens in the book to entice the reader. Just because there is a book trailer does not mean that it will become a movie!

Matched by Allie Condie (comes out Nov. 30th)is a book that I have book talked to my kids and haven’t gotten much interest.  I decided to see if there was a book trailer for it – there was and I showed it to my kids. 16 kids in one class immediately wanted the book after watching the trailer! I had to put their names in a hat and pull out their names in order of who gets the book next! That was an awesome moment for me- kids fighting over who got to read the book next.

I then tried to find book trailers for other books- I found a few on Amazon  and lots on youtube (although many of the books on you tube are homemade, and some are better than others). I am trying to find a good place that has lots of trailers in one place. Does anyone know where to get good book trailers??

Below are four book trailers from two new books that I think are going to be big this year:

Matched Book Trailer:

I am Number Four Book Trailer ( going to be a movie that comes out in February 2011):

The Maze Runner– great book that came out last year:

The Scorch Trails ( the second book of the Maze Runner):




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