Writing Circles Made Easy

27 12 2010

Writing Circles Pt. II

For those of you who read my post  recently about writing circles, I wanted to update with some other ideas of how this is working for me in my classroom.

Here are some points that have worked for me with my writing circles:

  • I have my writing circles meet once a week on the same day. This consistency helps the kids stay organized and they know that on Tuesdays they will be expected to share their writing with their group.
  • At the end of each session I have the students pick their topic for the following week. I also have them pick who will be the first reader (the person who will read his/her piece first next week) and the task master (the person to keep everyone on task and to make sure they listen to each other and everyone shares).
  • Before the groups meet, I have the students write three topics they would like to write about in their notebooks. Then I have them pick their top idea and write that on the notecard and bring it to the group. This way they aren’t influenced by each other’s ideas. Also it makes things move more quickly.
  • I am going to have my students pick their favorite writing and add it to their blog. Then I am going to have them comment on each other’s writings via their blog. This will enable students who are not in each other’s writing groups to be able to hear others writings and comment on them.

If anyone has tried writing circles and has other ideas that work, please share!!! 🙂




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