Shake Things Up In Discussion!

25 01 2011

I have a new strategy to shake things up during literature circle time, or any time students are discussing. I call them Discussion Flip books, but I am sure there are many names out there for them. I wrote 6 open ended questions that I wanted my students to talk about then made a box- table in Word and typed one question in each box. I then printed and cut each square and arranged the questions in the order that I wanted students to discuss them. I then stapled each discussion flip book together.

(Below is a really ugly picture of whatmy discussion flip books look like. I only had to make 7 since I have 7 discussion groups, so it didn’t take long!)

I told the students that they were to look at the first question and talk about it. When they were finished with that question, they flipped the paper over to reveal the next question. I like doing it this way because the students don’t see just a list of questions in front of them. They are able to focus on the one questions they are talking about without being overwhelmed with the rest of the questions. I also had my students use the paperclip note cards to make sure that everyone had a chance to speak- they always like this! 🙂 . Click here to see my post about paperclip note cards.




3 responses

30 01 2011

Can you share your questions that are on the cards? I like this activity

4 02 2011

See my post from February 4th- I answered your question there. Hope this helps!

4 02 2011
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[…] had some people ask me what questions I used for the discussion flip books that I made. I believe that the questions that will work the best are ones that you create based on […]

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