Figurative Language & Creative Writing

9 03 2011

So you teach your students the definitions of all the figurative language terms, and you read some poems and writing with figurative language in them, so now what? Why do we teach figurative language? Do you ever get your students to write using figurative language?

I found lots of writing ideas that you can share with your students in the book, Rip The PageL Adventures in Creative Writing by Karen Benke. The book is written for people who want to practice their creative writing skills, but there are lots of ideas with examples that you can share with kids. You can also look inside the page here.

Some of these I will require students to try, and others may be at a writing station that they can pick through a try. I may even use some as writing sparks.

Some of my favorite ideas  with the chapter titles are:

Sly Similes and Mighty Metaphors: Using similes and metaphors and giving them the titles- self portrait and my soul

Nothing, You Got that: Have nothing to write about? What gets you angry, annoyed, frustrated, sad, yelling- mad? Spit out everything you don’t want to say. Everything you refuse. All that you despise.

A Color Only My Soul can Understand: Pick a color, then take a walk. Take your time to see and feel all the things that are this color.

Personification party: Here’s what happened at a party when the colors showed up personified, and a poem about what the rain would be like if it were a fisherman.

Catching Whispers: Finish the sentences below:

Today a cloud said…

Last night a spider admitted…

The weeds pushing through the sidewalk asked if…The hangers in my closet were wondering if…

I could go on and on, but I feel that this book is packed with prompts, ideas, writing examples and notes from writers to improve the craft of writing, check it out for yourself! 🙂





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