Read Aloud With a Twist

27 03 2011

I always like to read a loud a book to my students, but I sometimes find it tedious to read the same section over each period. I also feel like my kids hear me talk enough, that a different voice may be nice to shake things up. So I decided to try a new way to read aloud- I got the audio CD copy of Juvie Three by Godan Korman and I put it on my IPod. We then listened to the book as a class. After a few days of just listening, I decided to let the kids see the words as we listened to the reader read. I put the book on the Elmo so that those that wanted to read along as they were listening could. I let the kids be the ones who moved the book on the Elmo and turned the pages as we went and they loved doing that! Overall the kids liked listening to a different voice, and seeing the story unfold on the overhead screen. It was especially nice since the main character was a boy, to hear a male voice read the story.  I definitely won’t do this every time we read a story aloud, but it broke up just hearing me read aloud. I am currently reading aloud Leon’s Story– a short true story about a boy growing up in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Check it out if you haven’t heard of it before-A VERY powerful story that is short to read aloud to a group and lends itself to great discussion.





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