30 Book Challenge Update

16 04 2011

I have had even more questions in regard to the 30 book challenge that we have been doing all year long. I started the year with giving the students who read 10books a sticker, they put their name on the sign sheet that I made and they got candy. I struggled to find a good “prize” for when they hit 20 books and I knew that when they reached 30 books that we were going to have a celebration for the kids at the end of the year. As the year progressed, I realized that my kids didn’t care about prizes or rewards- the reward was that they were proud to say that they have read X number of books. So, I actually don’t give out candy anymore (they forgot, and so did I. Plus I didn’t love giving out candy since our kids have way too much junk in their diets anyway). When they have reached a 10 book increment milestone, they get a sticker that I make and they sign their name on the sign sheet that I made.

Below are pictures of the stickers and the papers that they sign when they reach 10-20 and 30 books.

I made stickers (I just ordered circle stickers and created a sticker for every ten books that they read with Print Shop):

Here are the sheets they sign. I just used large poster post it paper:

Hope this answers all your questions! 🙂




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