Websites to get Kids Writing!

12 08 2011

Your Child’s Writing Life: How to Inspire Confidence, Creativity and Skill at Every Age: by Pam Allyn 

Here is part two of my thoughts, see the last post, for my initial thoughts about why teachers and parents should get this book!

This is starred in my copy that I need to keep in mind as I teach writing:

Also found in Your Child’s Writing Life by Pam Allyn was a list of  some amazing websites that foster real and new audiences for writing (aren’t we all looking for authentic publishing opportunities?)

Has anyone used any of these sites in your classroom, and wants to share ?

Check them out, and may they inspire you to get your student’s writing!! 🙂  




One response

29 08 2011

Hello, Pam.

Thank you for your sharing on teaching skills and above.
I has entered the teaching field one year ago, focusing on essay writing and analytical writing.

Sometimes I feel frustrated when I see responses with fundamental errors and ridiculous and dry reasoning.

I am motivated and embrace the joy of reading well-revised essays by making-progress students later.

Be clear and concise, and to the point. I love your three core beliefs about child writers.

Benjamin Poon
Beijing, China

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