A motivating way for students to read, remember and recommend!!

21 08 2011

I thought of a great way to get kids to remember what they read and get ideas for their next book: Shelfari! This  is a place for readers to keep track of the books they’ve read, books they want to read, write book reviews, get book recommendations and participate in group discussions. 

I think this will help my students to read various genres (since I require them to in the 30 book challenge I do) and create exposure and motivation for reading books they normally may not read. After students have read a book, they will log in to their virtual bookshelf, where they can rate their book, write a review and create tags to track the book. Then Shalfari gives recommendations of other books the student may enjoy. Students can also check out their friend’s “shelf” and see what they are reading. 

I am going to try this, this year to see how it goes. If you aren’t ready to have all your students create their own shelf, you can create your own shelf, rate and review books that you think your students may enjoy. Although I don’t think it will be as motivating as having their own shelf and checking out their friends!! 🙂 Has anyone else tried something like this out with students? 




One response

6 10 2011
jenny p

I will be interested to learn more about how your students respond to Shelfari. We have been using two online ‘bookclubs’ with our students. Two year 10 classes are using Goodreads to keep track of their reading and to share reading recommendations. It has been very successful with some students but requires teacher input to keep it going. With a Year 7 class we’ve been using a simpler product called “insideadog”. It has worked very well as this class are keen readers who love to share and write about their reading discoveries. Good luck with your new online reading adventure.

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