More Sparks Comin’ your way!

10 10 2013

Looking for some writing sparks? (Click  to check out how I use writing sparks in my classroom here and here).

National Geographic is celebrating 125 years and I found this site where people can submit their pictures. Many of them make some amazing writing prompts. Sometimes I will print a bunch of them out, and have my students go and grab one to write about. Sometimes I’ll scatter a few on their tables, and other times I will show them one and we all write about that one. 

Yesterday I used a picture and I gave it a title, and I had my students write about the title, they could take the perspective of one of the people in the picture, or they could be the narrator. They could take a word from the title and write form that. They could write a poem, story, or whatever they wanted. I can’t find the original source of the picture I used yesterday. But I titled it, Is This Happiness? and it was a picture of a bride and groom in the middle of their reception and the bride is not smiling. The people around them were all happy. It was really neat to see what the kids came up with. I’ll work hard to find the picture to share with you. 

Try it out with your students. This would make a neat prompt. Challenge your students to personify this frog! “Stayin’ Dry”

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 8.18.53 PM

What are some of your favorite writing sparks?




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