Book Cover Match

13 10 2013

Here is a fun way to get students to “see” more books. Every once in a while, if I want to shake up my groups, I print out two copies of wallet size book covers of some popular young adult books. I then tape one set on the desks (one book cover per desk) and as the students enter the door I hand them the other copy of the book.  Their seat is where their book match is.


I have found that students were comparing book titles, and they were talking about books, while class was waiting to begin. “Oh I loved that book!” I didn’t know this author wrote other books, I read _____ and loved that book!” “This cover looks cool, I want to see what this book is about.”

I liked that I didn’t have to book talk a million books, and I didn’t shove the books in their faces, it was a much more subtle way for me to share some books I think they would enjoy!

How do you get kids to subtly “see” books?




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