Some Good Young Adult Picks!

20 10 2013

Since I am a big reader, and fly through young adult novels, I thought I would update you with some of my favorite recommendations in a few different genres. These are some of the books that I recommended for our class book awards (more on that coming soon!) The blurbs are short and sweet, but I think you get the idea. Happy Reading! 🙂1

 by Mullin. How would you survive a volcano that erupted and covered the Earth with ash? You are all alone. Daylight, power, cell reception, everything you know that makes life what it is, is gone. This is a survival story.


Prisoner B-3087 by Gratz. This follows the life of a teenage boy ripped from his family and thrown into Concentration camps during the Holocaust


Just One Day by Forman.  On a trip to Europe Allyson befriends a stranger and spends one day exploring Paris. The next day she wakes up and her friend is gone. She  spends the next year thinking about her friend. This one day in Paris changed her entire life and what she knows about herself.


The Girl Was Supposed To Die by Henry. A girl wakes up and doesn’t remember who she is or where she is. She finds that two men are supposed to kill her. Read this suspenseful book to find out if she is mentally crazy, or if people are actually out to kill her. 




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