If we want to teach them, we need to reach them!

23 02 2011

I went to the Ohio Middle Level Conference last week at Kalahari Waterpark. Imagine close to 700 middle school teachers in one place, talking, sharing ideas, listening to speakers (I always hear teachers are the worst audience- at times I believed it!) and learning- quite the experience!!

There was a video clip that was shown during a presentation and it really got me thinking…How are we preparing our students for the information that is the new currency? If we are going to teach them, we have to reach them- how do we do that? Our students are growing up in a very different world than we ever did. Technology, information, on demand everything is at their fingertips whenever they want it. How are we keeping up with this new student? I am still working on that part, but while you are thinking about it- check out this video:

Here is an earlier version of video- still really cool stuff!:


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