Picture Books

Here is a list of picture books I use int he classroom for a variety of things… writing prompts, read aloud, teaching writing techniques.

At the beginning of the year, I read many picture books to my students to get them used to listening to read alouds. Below are some books I use to start the year:

Before I pass out reading notebooks:

Honey, I love you by Greenfiled

Good Books, Good TImes by Hopkins

These are used at the beginning of the year. I have students write and sketch ideas for how to start the school year:

The Way to Start a Day by Baylor

I use these to get student’s used to read alouds. They listen, write and sketch thoughts:

Albert by Napoli

The Raft by LaMarche

The War by Vaugelade

Wilfred GordonMcDonald Partridge by Mem Fox



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