Professional Resources

This is a list of professional resources that I LOVE!

I posted about some new resources that I have read and used:

These are some resources that I continually refer to throughout this year:

Reading Poetry in the Middle Grades: 20 Poems and Activities That Meet the Common Core Standards and Cultivate a Passion for Poetry by Paul Janeczko is an awesome resource for close reading poetry. It also helps you, the teacher, to guide the students to look closely and take note of things that they may have missed during their initial reading. Click here to read more about this resource and why I LOVE it!

The Reading and Writing Connection by Carol Booth Olson. This is geared for upper middle school and high school classrooms. I have found some great short stories to read with my students and lots of meaningful activities to do with students.

Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide by Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi. For teachers who want to get right into writing workshop, but don’t have the time to read Nancie Atwell’s large In the Middle Book ( definitely worth reading, though!) This books explains how to start writing workshop, go through all the steps and troublshoot.


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