Get the creative juices flowing with some “sparks!”

30 10 2010

I give my students writing sparks these sparks may be an image, video clip, song, quote, object, words etc… Then I have them write silently for a few minutes. I find that for their choice pieces that I require them to have in writing workshop, many of their ideas for their pieces come from these writing sparks. Here are two images that I thought would be great sparks. I used the golf picture the other day with my kids and we loved looking, writing and talking about all the people in the background!! 🙂

This is an image that was recently taken and is known as  the greatest photo that Tiger Woods gave us:

*This is from the Ryder Cup. No, it’s not staged or Photoshopped. That’s really Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball straight at the camera.

How’d it happen? By mistake. The cameraman, Mark Pain of the Daily Mail, was in the proper position on the 18th hole when Woods flat-out duffed his shot. The ball hit Pain’s camera and dropped to the ground. But unlike many instances when Woods and caddy Stevie Williams have taken issue with photographers, Tiger had nothing to say here. He knew he was in the wrong, not Pain.

(Aside: best part of the gallery in this picture? The smiling dude with the cigar on the right side of the frame. He’s the only thing about this photo that looks fake.)

* Taken from Devil Ball Golf.

Here is another picture to remind your kids the importance of proofreading and double checking your work:




Spark Student’s Creative Writing Thoughts

1 11 2009

Secret Knowledge of Gorwn upsI read The Secret Knowledge of Grown Ups by David Wisniewski to my students last week. Not only did they get a kick out of it, they also wrote some really creative stuff!  This is a unique picture book that takes many rules that adults tell children and then gives the reason that adults have for the rule. Sometimes the reasons behind the rules often don’t seem to make any sense. The books shows children the real reasons for adult rules. For example:  for the rule eat your vegetables, adults say that children to do this to be healthy. The real reason that the book reveals is that once giant vegetables ruled the world. We have to eat veggies so they never take over again.

I read a few rules and reasons to my students so they got the idea for the format of the book.  During warm up writing time I gave them other rules in the book and they came up with their own reasons. They did an awesome job! For example for the rule don’t jump on your bed, one of my student’s said that the reason adults tell kids this is because it will wake up the monsters under the bed.

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